Regarding ‘Strapless’ Strap-ons


My girlfriend is looking into getting a strap on and I was suggesting to her that she get the feeldoe so that she can be physically stimulated at the same time she is taking me and I was wondering if you could tell me in your experience is it a good “strap on”.? Does it stay in place? Is it easy for the female to wear? Basically would you recommend it for her? Thanks.

Anonymous 2:

I’m much more fond of the idea of being pegged if she’s being penetrated by the same object. :-)

Guys,  I have heard this before.

First, The woman does not HAVE TO be stimulated during pegging, and she shouldn’t have to, for you to feel OK with it.  Oral sex is not a mutually pleasurable act.  And don’t bring up 69’ing; How often do you do that?  You need to be OK with pegging on it’s own terms and stop worrying about her.  Pegging isn’t something you do with a ‘hookup’.  Pegging happens between two people who have trust and usually are in a relationship.  Trust her to care enough about you and your pleasure. There isn’t law that says you can’t take turns, giving and receiving pleasure. Own your body and your wants and desires.  Don’t pin them to someone else.

I own two of the Feeldoes and they never get used.  For a lot of women they need to use the Feeldoe in addition to a harness.  Part of the reason for this is that the narrow part below the vaginal bulb is quite bendy and the dildo part tends to droop.  In addition, it tends to fall out due to natural vaginal lubrication.  My girlfriend just doesn’t care for them and so they sit unused.  I don’t particularly like them because the silicone is quite a bit firmer than the regular Tantus dildoes and that makes it not as comfortable to receive.

Still, this is a person to person choice and SHE should make it.  I say get comfortable with pegging with a decent harness and then try one of the Feeldoes.  I wouldn’t recommend them to first timers at all.

If your concern is her pleasure, why not wear the harness for her?  Without the distraction of your own pleasure you can concentrate on her more and she has the added benefit of being able to pick the size she wants.  My girlfriend loves this.  We aren’t all John Holmes, gentlemen and even if we were, sometimes John Holmes is a bit too much to take.  This also means that you don’t have to worry about who cums first.  You’ll be ready the moment she is.

If anyone has a counterpoint or counter-argument please feel free to shoot me a message.  I would like to hear a woman’s point of view, especially those who have used the Feeldoe or other ‘strapless’ strap-ons.

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